The Price or The Cost?

Price always seems high, if you look at the price only.
 The Cost is Not the same as a Price.
Accordingly Rosemary Peavler and I, one of the definitions of Cost is this: Combined labor cost, a price of tools and required skills.
Another way of calculation the Cost by answering this question.
What is the value of your one customer or client? What would it cost to you to acquire one? Can you put a price tag on your time?

Our pricing is fairly transparent.
If you are not comfortable with our prices, please contact us, and you will get a custom proposal with all details.
We are flexible. Do you want a trial? Do you want to pay per lead? Our leads are all customer exclusive.


* Means You get unlimited allowance of Caller Id_s.  You will get 1 ID included in the package. Each additional ID cost 4.99. A Caller ID is a tracking phone number.

All prices are in USD.