Lets you see the big picture for all of your voice message campaigns, showing you statistics at-a-glance.

Unlimited Campaigns
Create as many campaigns as you want, as often as you want.

Unlimited Contact Lists
Get your lists from anywhere in USA. Even if your list contains some landline phone numbers as well as cell phone numbers, Advertising Solutions sends your voice messages to only the mobile phone numbers. You will only get charged for successful drops. Import as many lists as you want.  Customer lists are free of additional charge. This included in any package that you choose.

Unlimited List Categories
Classify your lists any way you want, by client (if you offer this as a service to other businesses) or by Niche – or order your lists any other way that makes sense to you.

Unlimited Voicemail Messages
Create a new voicemail message for each list, or use the same voicemail message for multiple lists, or create multiple voicemail messages for the same list. It is up to you what you want to do.

Unlimited Schedules
Create as many customized schedules as you wish. Each list can have its custom schedule if you wish.

Unlimited Caller IDs
Use as Caller ID whichever phone number you want the return call to be sent to for any given list. You can have them go directly to a business number, or to a tracking number or wherever else you wish. You can have as many Caller IDs as you want or need.



Priced within reach of every business, large or small, and even individuals who are just starting out. Everyone can afford this service, and everyone can benefit from this service.


make money and save

Cost Effective
With a cost of only a few pennies for each successful voicemail drop.


Fast & Efficient
Allows you to contact hundreds or thousands in a matter of minutes. How many or how fast is up to you. Deliver your call to your entire list all at once, or put in a daily limit.

Custom Delivery Schedule
Ability to define custom delivery dates & times for each campaign.

Ability to pause or reactivate any given campaign whenever you wish.

Link to Call Portal
Ability to link to your Call Portal account for a huge range of additional features, including tracking, the Callback % statistics and more.

Customized Calls per Day for each list
Ability to define how many calls per day are delivered (so you or your clients don’t get too overwhelmed by incoming calls during any given period).

Clone Campaigns
Easily clone any campaign to set up a similar campaign with the least amount of effort.

FTC & TCPA Compliant
Since your message goes directly to voicemail and is not a phone call answered by the other person, this system is entirely compliant with the governing agencies. We have an ability to sort out thru the list and find phone # that is on DO NOT CALL LIST. And we sort the list twice.

Features of Ringless Voicemail September 5, 2017