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Voicemail Marketing

Today, it seems like everyone has a cell phone. In the United States alone there are over 300 million registered mobile phones. Many individuals and even small businesses have gone completely away from the traditional landline to using only a cell phone.

This fact creates both a problem and an opportunity for businesses and marketers. It is an issue for those who stubbornly continue to stick with the old ways of marketing even as those ways become less and less efficient. But for the visionaries, new technology has opened up an incredible opportunity to reach more people in less time and with greater results.

Advertising Solutions implements a powerful, groundbreaking communications technology called “Voicemail marketing” or “Ringless Voicemail” which delivers your voicemail message directly into the voicemail box of the mobile phone user. .. without ringing their phone.

So it simply appears to be a missed call with a voicemail message and a caller ID.

Most people have their cell phone with them 24×7, and they will check their voicemail far more often than they will check their email.

Most people listen to their voicemail messages as soon as they get one. And if someone gets a voicemail message about something that interests them, they will return the call. When they call YOU back, they have already pre-qualified themselves. Now you are talking with a hot prospect!

Because it does not ring the phone, and because there is no cost to the recipient, it is FTC and TCPA compliant.

That means that with Advertising Solutions LLC you can leave your voicemail message for hundreds or thousands of prospects (businesses and even individual consumers), without ever having to dial a single number and without ever bothering a single prospect.

Who Can Benefit From Using Voicemail Marketing?

VoiceMail Marketing is an extremely powerful tool for any person or organization that needs to be able to reach a lot of people effectively, efficiently and affordably within a day. Which is especially significant for businesses or marketers who already have too much to do and too little time. Focusing on pre-qualified prospects who call back allows any business to grow faster and provides a great return on the investment.


Think Time and Money

When prospecting for new business, it can often average 50-100 calls to get a new client. If you were to call businesses or residents on your own, it could take you days to make 100 calls — and if you are sitting there calling business after business, you won’t be able to do all the other projects that you need to do for your business.

But with our Voicemail Marketing technology, you can trigger 200 voicemail messages at the push of a button — and then you can be accomplishing what you need to, and stopping to answer the calls from interested prospects. And you don’t need to stop at 200 voicemails — send out as many as you want, keep your phone ringing, and simply pause your campaigns when you get too busy and need to take a break from getting too many calls from too many pre-qualified prospects who want what you are offering.

Cold Calling sucks! Now with our brilliant technology, you can avoid that feeling of rejection associated with cold calling because the ringless system lets you drop your message directly into your prospects voicemail box. This means that you will find yourself becoming more upbeat, more effective at work since you won’t be dealing with that depressing feeling of hearing “no” so many times. If the person is not interested, they won’t call you back. But with so many potential prospects getting your message, all you need to deal with are the ones who DO call you back.

Generating more business become exciting. And when you can do it with such low cost and a little effort, it is even better.

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voicemail marketing

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